DEA Consulenza Operating Headquarters

Commissioned by: DEA Consulenza

Location: Ragusa

Year: 2013

A pillar with an imposing size, in a wide office area in a consulting studio, turns from being an obstacle into a bright element with a capturing design, a centralising element among all glazed spaces. The main problem we solved here was the presence of a massive structural pillar placed in the middle of the space, by which the reception area of the consulting studio was planned. It was assumed that its value could be increased from an aesthetic point of view in order to make it a distinguishing element of the internal area and the space as a whole. The design choice was focused on the integration of this element in the office spatial configuration, so that it would follow the aesthetic line of the entire project.

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Since its start, our technical proposal has been oriented towards the creation of a metallic covering, with a colour similar to the one used on the porcelain stoneware flooring and the internal walls, with lightened horizontal elements in between. The strong chiaroscuro effect (bright bands/ mat plate), dematerializes the pillar, considerably lightening it from a formal point of view.
The final effect during the operating hours, when the lightening is intentionally kept very low, gives the illusion of single bright elements suspended in the space, offering a relaxing atmosphere to the environment, and a silent and light background experience.

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